Dragonfly Micro Oil Skimmer with Polypropylene Head

Dragonfly Micro Oil Skimmer
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  • Item #: 316SSPPH

The Dragonfly™ Micro Oil Skimmer is a small, self-adjusting emergency oil and scum skimmer. The skimmer's innovative design makes it the most reliable quality skimmer available in its price range. It is constructed of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel that have been tested to withstand high temperatures, a wide variety of solvents and hydrocarbon-based materials as well as salt and caustic solutions.

The Dragonfly™ Micro Oil Skimmer is designed to skim oil and other floating materials from the surface of liquids. It is fully adjustable and can be made to lower or raise in the water by adjusting the skimmer's floats. It is also Low Maintenance, with no mechanical moving parts there is less to worry about breaking.

The Dragonfly™ Micro Oil Skimmer is lightweight, weighing in at 11 pounds (5 kg) and is unaffected by changing water levels. It is small so it can operate in areas of restricted space.

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