Dragonfly 25K316SSB Oil Skimmer

Dragonfly 25K316SSB Oil Skimmer
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The Dragonfly 25K liters per hour, Oil Skimmer Is a robust oil skimmer constructed from heavy duty marine grade 2mm, 316 stainless steel, which is resistant to a large array of corrosive chemicals. The self-adjusting concertina head is made from polypropylene and PVC plastic as are all tubes and threaded fitting

The Dragonfly 25K316SSB 316 stainless steel floats are sealed with a removable polypropylene screw-in plug. The floats are ballasted using water (1.5ltrs of water per float initially) to hold the skimmer steady at the required depth. The water ballast inside the floats also stabilizes the oil skimmer.  Pipes, connections and tubing used are from Polypropylene and or polyethylene. The 25K316SSB floating surface skimmer comes complete with a self-adjusting floating head. The standard floating head used on the 25K316SSB oil skimmer is made using a polypropylene fabric concertina connected to a rigid circular PVC head that floats at the surface. As water is drawn down through the concertina it automatically adjusts its vertical height position relative to the water’s surface to allow the required amount of water (as drawn by the pump) to pass over it.  The depth to which the circular weir positions below the surface of the water is known as the “cut”.  The less the amount being pumped the finer the cut. We have tested the materials used to construct the 25K316SSB oil skimmer and found them able to withstand high water temperatures and a wide variety of solvents including hydrocarbon-based materials as well as salt and caustic solutions.

For proper operation, it is advisable to install the Dragonfly 25K316SSB skimmer so that it floats reasonably evenly in the water without the influence of the suction hose pulling it into an uneven position. The correct initial amount of water is 1.5 liters per ballast. If the skimmer with hoses connected tends to lean one way or another, adding water to or taking water away from one or two of the floats will help level it up. If the weight of the hose leading from the skimmer proves to be a problem, the addition of a float to support it in the water may also be helpful. The connection fitting at the base is a 50mm x 90 degree BSP bend allowing for a horizontal male connector to be attached. The Dragonfly 25K316SSB Oil Skimmer is designed to skim oil and other floating materials from the surface of liquids. It may be advisable to limit the amount of water crossing the weir to a point where skimming is most effective. A water bypass valve can be used to reduce the intake of water over the weir.  When the Skimmer is at rest in the water, ideally the top of the floating weir should be just below or barely breaking the surface of the water. Adjustments can be made as needed to lower or raise the floating weir by loosening the holding nuts on the floats and raising or lowering the floats as required or water may be added to or removed from the floats to lower or raise the concertina in relation to the surface.
The Dragonfly 25K316SSB oil skimmer comes with a plastic trash guard made with 20mm polyethylene grate for those situations where larger particles need to be prevented from entering the water purification stream.

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